Planetary vs. Spiral Mixers


Versatility – What are you mixing and making?

Do you need a mixer just for making dough? Do you need it to also make batters and whipped toppings? Are you doing a lot of food prep? If you’re looking for any versatility, planetary is the way to go. Planetary mixers come with a dough hook, wire whip, and flat beater attachments for multiple applications. The hook is used for all kinds of bread and pizza doughs. The wire whip is used to incorporate air into for items like icings, meringues, whipped creams, or a mousse. The flat beater is used for making batters, fillings, and can also be used for some cookie doughs. Flat beaters are also great for other kitchen applications like mashing potatoes, shredding meats, and making sauces. Most planetary mixers, such as the Globe SP20, also come with a standard #12 attachment hub to grate cheese, chop vegetables, and ground meat. Spiral mixers have only one purpose and that is to make dough.


Quantity - How much dough do I need now and later?

How much dough are you making? A quality planetary mixer should fit the needs of most independent or one-location operations, but when you get into high-volume dough needs, a spiral is an optimal choice. This doesn’t mean a planetary wouldn’t work but, but you can make larger batches with less labor and time with a spiral. If you are looking to grow your production or adding another location, then a spiral could be the right mixer to grow into. Spiral mixers have the ability to mix batches as small as 30% of their capacity. The GSM130 Spiral Mixer can produce batches from 33 lbs. to 130 lbs. and the GSM175 from 42 lbs. to 175 lbs. Your mixer can be where your needs are now and the next few years.


Quality – Authentic, Old World, and Specialty Doughs

If you’re making traditional old-world dough recipes, you will want to go with a spiral. Spiral mixers are a favorite of most artisan bread bakers because of their ability to minimize heat friction by allowing part of the dough to rest and to properly develop gluten structure without overworking the batch. Spirals work much better with higher absorption ratios to create a lighter and airy dough. Spirals lack versatility, but they make up for it in volume, speed, and dough quality. A spiral mixer will likely be the right choice for you if your business focuses on high volume bread production.


Keep in mind, not all Planetary Mixers are the Same

While there are multiple planetary mixers out there, they are not all designed the same. Globe’s planetary mixers have many features and benefits other brands do not offer. Such as front-mounted controls, gear-driven motors, high torque transmissions, and welded ingredient chutes. All Globe mixers are backed by a 2-year parts and labor warranty.